FOUNDATION protection is an important, and sometimes overlooked, aspect of caring for our homes. A clean and dry crawlspace or basement can help protect the integrity of the home’s structure, prevent mold or moisture build-up, and keep critters, insects and bugs out of your home.

Duraplex Home can help:

  • Identify the issues:
    • Duraplex provides a free inspection of your crawl space or basement to determine if your home has any water or moisture issues.
    • If your home does have a moisture issue, we will provide you with a recommended solution, including an estimate and photographs to document the water problems.
  • Eliminate the problem:
    • Duraplex can help provide clean-up and mold remediation for any issues.
  • Protect and prevent future issues:
    • Options might include:
      • Gravel backfills
      • Drainage systems (curtain drains, french drains)
      • Vapor barriers
      • Outer and inner foundation wall sealing

Let us help you protect the health of your family and your investment in your home.